The electric guitar is much easier to play than the acoustic

Have you ever played an acoustic and come away with sore fingers and a aching fretboard hand? Chances are that you have. The advantage of the electric is that the neck profile is slimmer and the strings are thinner which ensures that hand and finger fatigue is almost non existent. Barre chords, which are often a common roadblock for beginning guitar players, are much easier to execute on the electric guitar. In general because of these characteristics of the electric guitar, progress is much faster.

The electric guitar has many more tonal/sound possibilities

The beauty of the electric is the many different sounds you can get. In the truck we run Boss DS-1 distortion pedals which allows the players to recreate all the famous rock riffs while also adding a welcome change to the usual clean guitar sound. If another sound is required then buying a pedal or multi effects unit is all you need to plug in and take your guitar playing to the next level.

Future proof your guitar learning journey

It is true that the majority of guitar students actually end up moving to the electric guitar after a couple of years on the acoustic. If you start on the electric you instantly have the advantage of being able to play not only chords that you would play on an acoustic but lead lines. In other words you can do everything that you would do on the acoustic guitar-on the electric guitar while also having the opportunity to move straight into playing lead guitar and all the famous riffs. Instead of getting an acoustic and then getting an electric a few years later why not start on electric and save yourself the time and money thus future proofing yourself.